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Ph.D. Completion.com was created to help all doctoral students not just survive but thrive in graduate school and beyond. This site is dedicated to many busy individuals who decided to complete a doctoral degree, be it PhD, Ed.D, or any other doctoral degree that requires writing a dissertation.

Writing Boot-camps: When writing your dissertation it’s important to keep to a set schedule even if it is 15 minutes a day. How consistent are you with your writing process? In every dissertation boot camp, sometimes referred to as “Dissertation House”,”Dissertation Writing Retreat” ,”Dissertation Boot camp” or “Dissertation Institute ” we stick to a very strict schedule. Everyday, we start at 9 am, eat lunch at 12, and finish at 5. 

A student from Michigan once said to me that the Dissertation Writing Retreat is like hiring a trainer to whip you into shape.  Prior to the trainer, you went to the gym to workout on a regular basis. You actually thought you were in shape until met with a trainer.  You are sore in places you didn’t even know could get sore. 

After participating in a Dissertation Writing Retreat/Dissertation House/Boot camp you feel the same way.  You thought you had been working on your dissertation but you really never really spent that many hours working on the document.

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