Does Your University offer a Dissertation Writing Boot-Camp (DBC)?

Many colleges and universities have instituted Dissertation Boot-camps across the country. Whereas some of the writing camps are Writing Retreats for a 3 day weekend, others are a 4-day  9-5 face-to-face experience on campus.

  • Two times a year the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) offers the Dissertation House an 9-5, 4 day campus experience for doctoral students working on their dissertations, dissertation proposals or other writing projects.
  • Sponsored by the Writing Program and the Graduate School Princeton University has 2 summer (June and July)  boot camps. With limited enrollment, students are asked to pay a small ($50.00) registration fee often returned at the end of the camp.
Michigan’s AGEP Dissertation Writing Retreat

  •  Stanford University’s Hume Writing Center runs Stanford’s Bootcamp. Stanford runs 3 boot camps during the summer.
  • In addition to the Dissertation Boot camp for 24 students, The University of Pennsylvania Dissertation Boot

  • UMBC’s Winter Dissertation House at Rocky Gap

    camp  also offer Writing Day.  For example, during the summer they offer Writing Days i.e. Writing Thursdays and writing weekends.

  • Sponsored by MIT’s Writing & Communication Center MIT Dissertation Boot camp limits its registration to 25 students and charges them a small fee for participation.
  • At the University of Missouri the Graduate School hold several monthly boot camps throughout the year.  UofM limits these sessions to 20 students.
  • As a part of their initiative of Student Success the University of Delaware  has instituted a Dissertation Writing Boot camp led by an English professor.
  • Claremont Graduate University also offers a camp
  • Michigan’s AGEP runs a Dissertation Writing Retreat every summer.
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