Your Writing Coach and Accountability Partner

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if and when you need it.

Learn the skills and tactics that will enable you to publish more research, secure more funding, and overcome your internal writing editor.

My friend, who is a social worker, once said, “Help is not supposed to hurt.” Our services are patient in analyzing your progress, celebrate the small victories of your successes, and inventive enough to experiment with ideas that will assist you in making progress on a crucial project.

Patience is the most crucial action you can take for yourself. One of the most important beginning roles of a skilled writer is to recognize when you require help to evaluate where you stand and what you need to write a well-developed, publishable journal article, grant proposal, dissertation chapter, or book. A publishable piece of writing requires patience, time, as well as writing, critical thought, organization, integration, and, most importantly, planning.

If you need support creating a daily writing regimen, consider hiring a writing accountability coach. We provide assistance comparable to that of a dissertation coach in order to assist you in successfully structuring the journal article, proposal, thesis, dissertation, or writing process; creating realistic work plans; increasing accountability; and effectively overcoming the internal and external obstacles that many people face on the path to align their time with their priorities.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; occasionally everyone needs help.

  • Our prices are affordable, $200.00 hour, or $600.00 for 4 (1 hour) sessions. Schedule these sessions weekly, monthly or annually.
  • The editing services are listed

Wendy Carter-Veale whose help with navigating the dissertation process was invaluable
– thank you for reminding me to “breathe” in my moments of panic; in KME Dissertation- 2013

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